The composition of the society's council is laid down in its constitution. The council for session 161 (2018-2019) is:

Neil Clark (
Vice Presidents
Brian Bell
  Ben Browne
  Jim Morrison
Honorary Secretary
Walter Semple (
Ian Veitch (
Membership Secretary
Campbell Forrest (
Meetings Secretary
David Webster (
Bob Diamond (
Assistant Librarian
Margaret Anderson (
Excursions Secretary (Day)
Roy Bryce (
Excursions Secretary (Residential)
Margaret Donnelly (
Minutes Secretary
Walter Semple (
Junior Members’ Representative
Matthew Staitis (
Proceedings Editor
Mina Cummings (
Publications Officer
Bob Diamond (
Bill Gray (
Web Consultant
Neil Clark (
          Newsletter Coordinator David Webster (
Editors, Scottish Journal of Geology
Colin Braithwaite
Brian Bell
Ordinary Members
Ann Ainsworth
Simon Cuthbert
  Ian Millar