Residential Excursion Programme

Raasay, Inner Hebrides; April 27 – April 30 2018

Leader: Dr Brian Bell

Field days: Friday (afternoon)/Saturday/Sunday/Monday (morning)

The island of Raasay comprises a wide range of well-exposed rocks within the Hebridean Terrane, ranging from Archaean gneisses of the Lewisian Complex and the unconformably overlying Proterozoic clastic sedimentary rocks of the so-called Torridonian Supergroup, through to glacial deposits of the Pleistocene Epoch. Mesozoic strata include various continental clastic sedimentary rocks, overlain by marine and estuarine deposits of the Lower and Middle Jurassic Period, including the Raasay Ironstone Formation. Palaeogene igneous activity resulted in both intrusive and extrusive units – lavas and granite. Pleistocene glacial activity produced diamictites and erratics, and striae on the harder rocks, while active landslips occur in the south-east of the island. This excursion aims to examine the entire range of rocks, and the industrial archaeology of the Raasay ironstone mine will also be addressed.

This trip is now fully booked. However, there is a waiting list. If you are interested please contact the Residential Excursions Secretary, Maggie Donnelly, at


The Geology of Aberdeenshire – mountains, glens and coast; September 14 - September 17 2018

Leader: Dr Con Gillen

Field days: Friday (afternoon)/Saturday/Sunday/Monday (morning)

We hope to see gabbros, other basic and igneous intrusions, volcanics, pillow lavas, Devonian sedimentary rocks, the Highland Boundary Fault and metamorphic rocks of the Dalradian Supergroup, with ages ranging from the Precambrian basement (ca 800 Ma) to ca 300 Ma.

We should finish around lunchtime on Monday.

Exposures are easily accessible using beaches and coastal paths, with some longer, flat, walks and some climbing.

Accommodation will be in B&B and travel in shared cars.

If you are interested in this trip please contact the Residential Excursions Secretary, Maggie Donnelly, at