Residential Excursion Programme

Residential Excursions 2019

Islay; April 26 – April 29 2019

Leader: David Webster

Field days: Friday(afternoon)/Saturday/Sunday/Monday(morning)

The geology of Islay is amazingly varied – 1800 Ma gneiss, Precambrian metasediments and fossil stromatolites, the famous Port Askaig Tillite (possible "Snowball Earth"?), low grade metamorphic Dalradian rocks retaining original sedimentary structures, reactivated and reversed extensional faults, substantial mineralisation, 60 Ma igneous intrusions (opening of the Atlantic Ocean) and a large selection of Quaternary Ice Age features. We plan to visit key localities with the aid of “A Guide to the Geology of Islay” by David Webster, Roger Anderton & Alasdair Skelton.

Accommodation will be B & B in Bowmore; transport will be in shared cars.

This trip is now fully booked. However, there is a waiting list. If you are interested please contact the residential excursions secretary, Maggie Donnelly, at


Anglesey; Sunday September 22 - Friday September 27 2019

Field days: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Leader: Chris Arkwright.

This is a 5-night trip with 4 days in the field.

Anglesey is regarded as a "classic" area of British geology; while its oldest rocks appear to be unrelated to those of the rest of the British Isles, the remainder provide a detailed record of events which led to the formation of southern Britain. Formed between 650 and 300 Ma, they include high grade gneisses, a granite pluton, metasediments, sandstones, mudstones and the famous Anglesey Blueschists. There are also Paleogene dykes and abundant glacial features. A number of NE–SW faults slice the island into blocks; large sandstones blocks are thought by some geologists to mark the location of an ancient subduction zone. The original map was published in 1920 and BGS is currently undertaking a project of new research into the island’s geology.

Accommodation will be in B&B and means of travel has yet to be decided

The trip is now almost full; if you wish more details please email the residential excursions secretary, Maggie Donnelly, at