This code is for members of the Geological Society of Glasgow to use when on field trips. (Guidelines for safety in the field are also available for members.)   

Fieldwork guidelines and more specific guidelines for coring and rock and fossil collecting are provided by a number of organisations:
The fieldwork codes provided by Geologists’ Association and Rockwatch can be found here:
In Scotland, guidelines are provided by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum and Scottish Natural Heritage:
There are several important points that relate to GSG field trips specifically:
  • Hammering exposures is strongly discouraged.
  • Respect the wildlife and aesthetics of the exposures.
  • Only collect what you need.
  • Take care not to endanger yourself or others.
  • Protect our geodiversity for others to enjoy.
  • Be aware of the different site designations:
    • SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
    • GCR site (Geological Conservation Review site)
    • LGS (Local Geodiversity Site)
A downloadable version of this fieldwork code can be found here.