This page contains details of recently published books on geological topics that might be of interest. The society’s bookshop doesn’t stock these titles.

Mesozoic Art
Steve White & Darren Naish
Bloomsbury 2022; £30
Showcases the work of twenty leading paleoartists.

Ancient Sea Reptiles: Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Mosasaurs & More
Darren Naish
Natural History Museum 2023; £20
Charts the evolutionary rise of the ancient sea reptiles and their domination of the Mesozoic seas.

Fossils Sticker Book
Natural History Museum 2014; £5.99
An activity book for children with 100 reusable stickers to picture landscapes and scenes with

The Pebble Spotter’s Guide
Clive Mitchell
National Trust Books 2021; £9.99
Details of 40 different types of pebble stone, with information about their  structure and where to find them

The Fossil Hunter
Kate Winter
Puffin 2023; 14.99
An illustrated book for young readers about the life and legacy of Mary Anning

Geology and Landscapes of Scotland, 2nd edition
Con Gillen
Dunedin Academic Press 2013; £28
A tour of the five distinct geological regions of Scotland, from the Northwest Highlands and Outer Hebrides, which contain some of the oldest rocks on Earth, through the mountain terrains of the Highlands and Uplands to the Lowlands and then the fringes of the North Sea

Earth: Over 4 Billion Years in the Making
Chris Packham & Andrew Cohen
HarperCollins 2023; £25
Accompanies the 5 part BBC TV series describing the deep history of our  planet.

Walking the Bones of Britain
Christopher Somerville
Doubleday 2023; £25
A 3 billion year journey from the Outer Hebrides to the Thames estuary

Peat and Whisky: The Unbreakable Bond
Mike Billett
Saraband 2023; £12.99
Brings together landscapes, geology, ecology, history, people and their whisky, whilst also addressing an important environmental issue: peatlands and their role in climate change.

Extinctions. How Life Survives, Adapts and Evolves
Michael J. Benton
Thames & Hudson 2023; £25
A journey through the great mass-extinction events that have shaped our Earth