Members of the society have online access to the full content of the Scottish Journal of Geology (SJG), including back issues, via the Lyell Collection, which is managed by the Geological Society of London (GSL).

Before you can access the Lyell Collection, you need to register with the GSL. For new members of the society, once your membership has been accepted an email will be sent to the GSL to authorise your access. The GSL will then email you (within a few days) with instructions on how to register for access. This process includes creating a password. When you have completed the registration, you will then be able to log in to the Lyell Collection section of the GSL website using your email address and password.

Members who have not previously registered and now wish to do so or who wish to renew an out-of-date registration should email the membership secretary. Please note that the system for accessing the collection changed on 27 July 2022. If you registered before that date, you will have to register again to use the new system.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to access the SJG section of the GSL website and also the main Lyell Collection section. This section gives access to the SJG, the Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow and the Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society. It also gives access to abstracts of other journals published by the GSL and other elements in the collection; details of the freely available content can be found in the Lyell Collection section of the GSL website.

If you have any problems with registering or logging in to the Lyell Collection, you can use the collection’s online chat function for help. If any problems remain, please contact the membership secretary.