The Scottish Journal of Geology is the joint property of the Geological Societies of Edinburgh and Glasgow that, since 1965, has replaced the Transactions of the two societies, begun in Glasgow in 1860 and in Edinburgh in 1863. The complete archive of both sets of Transactions can be found on the Lyell Collection website.

The journal is now published online. Geological Society of Glasgow members can access the journal through the Lyell Collection. Details of how to obtain access are given on the Lyell Collection page.

The journal acts as a focus for papers on all aspects of the geology of Scotland and contiguous areas, including the surrounding seas, but also encourages appropriate review articles, short communications and discussions of earlier papers, together with discussions of broader aspects of the earth sciences that cannot be considered solely in terms of geology. The journal welcomes enquiries regarding thematic sets and the results of relevant meetings and conferences. Instructions to aid the preparation of text and illustrations can be found on the Geological Society website.

The varied geology of Scotland has provided the stimulus for the generation of many important geological ideas and few areas match its diversity. It continues to provide a natural laboratory for the study of earth sciences and the journal welcomes submissions on all aspects of this work.  Accepted articles are published rapidly online and are available worldwide through a variety of institutional, corporate and government libraries in the Lyell Collection of the Geological Society of London and GeoScienceWorld in the USA.

Papers may be submitted anytime, and progress can be tracked using the journal’s editorial manager.