Residential excursions 2024

The Garvellachs; 10 May – 13 May 2024

Leaders: Tony Spencer & David Webster

Field days: Saturday/Sunday/Monday

Geological Background
The Garvellach islands expose a magnificent section of the glacial Neoproterozoic Port Askaig Formation. Although part of the Dalradian, it is relatively undeformed and contains an extraordinary amount of glacial features including spectacular glaciotectonic “rafts” as well as a sequence at the base recording the transitional onset of glaciation at the start of the Cryogenian – which is a prime candidate for a global “golden spike” or GSSP. We will discuss the concept of snowball earth and assess how the succession here fits (or doesn’t) with that model. We will aim to have one day on each of the three main islands in the archipelago.

No of participants: 10 maximum

Day 1. Arrive Cuan Ferry 4pm. Boat to Lunga, dinner provided
Day 2. Boat trip Lunga to Garvellachs & return. Self-service breakfast/lunch. Dinner provided.
Day 3. As above
Day 4. Boat trip Lunga to Garvellachs in morning & return to Cuan Ferry approx. 5pm.

Self service breakfast/lunch
All weather dependent
Transport to and from Cuan Ferry is the responsibility of participants.

Rubha Fiola field centre on Lunga. Rudimentary Youth Hostel type accommodation. Dormitory rooms with bunks, some smaller rooms with beds. Off grid with battery powered lighting/phone charging. Sea toilet and solar hot water.

Personal Equipment
Sleeping bags, towels, head torch, helmet, gloves

A variety of breakfast and lunch supplies will be available for DIY preparation. Dinner will be provided by centre staff.

Ability to get in/out of small boats, including transfers from the larger boat to a smaller landing craft onto potentially slippery rocks.

Walking on rough ground and rocky coasts without paths, but distances are relatively short.

Approx. £330 (including all boat trips, accommodation, food and leaders’ expenses)

We expect this excursion to be over-subscribed. If it is, there will be a ballot for the 10 places available. Expressions of interest are invited by email, to the hon. secretary by 5 pm on Friday 15 December. After that we will let people know if they have been successful in gaining a place, create an ordered waiting list of unsuccessful applicants and add any further expressions of interest. We would expect full payment by the end of January.