Recordings of lectures given during Session 164 (2021-2022) and later sessions are available on YouTube. The links are given below.

Session 166 (2023-2024)

12 October 2023
Professor Jane Evans, British Geological Survey
A boatload of Vikings: isotope evidence from a mass execution in Weymouth

9 November 2023
Professor Tony Prave, University of St Andrews
Birth of the Dalradian Supergroup and its path through Neoproterozoic Earth history

7 December 2023
Professor Craig Storey, University of Portsmouth
The onset of modern plate tectonics

11 January 2024
Dr Steven Hollis, University of Edinburgh
Closing the Iapetus Ocean: late arc and ophiolite formation in the Grampian Orogeny and implications for UK mineral potential and metal security

8 February 2024
Toni Galloway, University of St Andrews
Using hotspring systems as analogues to conditions on early Mars

14 March 2024
Dr Murray Reid
What lies beneath: the geology of Strathkelvin

28 March 2024
Dr Denver Fowler
Finding dinosaurs in the Judith River Formation, Late Cretaceous, Montana

11 April 2024
David Webster
Neoproterozoic glaciation in Scotland: the Port Askaig Formation

Session 165 (2022-2023)

13 October 2022
Dr Rebecca Paisley, Exploration Geochemist, Cornish Lithium
Lithium in Cornwall: the foundation for a responsible UK battery supply chain

10 November 2022
Megan Jacobs, University of Portsmouth
Walking with giants: on the banks of a 130-million-year-old river

8 December 2022
Associate Professor Quentin Crowley, Trinity College, Dublin
Integrating geology into Ireland’s radon map

12 January 2023
Professor Mark Williams, University of Leicester
The Anthropocene: a planetary scale change to the biosphere; and the future well-being of planet Earth
The sound quality of this recording is very poor, but the slides are excellent and can be followed. Professor Williams has kindly supplied a pdf of the talk and a link to a very similar talk he did at the recent Palaeontological  Association AGM.
Link to the pdf file of the Glasgow talk
Link to the Pal Ass talk

Session 164 (2021-2022)

14 October 2021
Professor Mike Searle, University of Oxford
Tectonics and mountain building in the Himalaya

9 December 2021
Dr Neil Clark, Hunterian Museum (Retiring Presidential Address)
Dinosaurs from Muck

13 January 2021
Dr Emrys Phillips, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Deformed dirt: the deformation caused by glaciers and ice sheets

10 February 2021
Dr Andrew Finlayson, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Below the bonnie banks – investigating Loch Lomond’s subaqueous Quaternary landscape

10 March 2021
Noel Williams, Lochaber Geopark
Big boulders of Scotland

14 April 2021
Professor Colin Ballantyne, University of St Andrews
Landslides, glaciation and the evolution of mountain landscapes during the Quaternary

12 May 2021
Members’ night

Matthew Statis
Accessing the sedimentary record of ocean acidification prior to the K/Pg mass extinction

Simon Cuthbert
The beast of Linn Park: Arthropleura trail by the White Cart Water

David Webster (Strathclyde Geoconservation Group)
Glasgow area geological exposures:  reconnaissance trips to Campsie Glen, River Kelvin and Overtoun

David Webster (Fossil Grove Trust)
Fossil Grove renovation project