Crowdfund a dinosaur project


One of the dinosaur footprints from the new Scottish locality


Image: Neil Clark


Dr Neil Clark, Curator of Palaeontology at Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum and a member of the Geological Society of Glasgow, has recently discovered dinosaur footprints in a new locality in Scotland. The location is being kept secret for the time being until research has been carried out on these very important Middle Jurassic remains. They are from a completely new part of Scotland for dinosaurs and will add significantly to our understanding of dinosaurs of that age in Britain.

To help fund this project, Neil has created a crowdfunding web page where members of the public can help support the research. The appeal target is £5,000, which is required to cover travel, material and accommodation costs. In addition to Neil, the researchers include members of Edinburgh University’s School of Geosciences and some students. The first piece of kit that is needed is a drone so that detailed mapping of the coastal exposures can be undertaken sometime later this year.

The Geological Society of Glasgow supports this appeal. Please visit Neil's crowdfunding web page and make a donation to help support this research project.