New supplement to Madeira field guide available


In 2008, the society published A Field Guide to the Geology of Madeira, by C.J. Burton and J.G. MacDonald, and many copies of this guide have been sold. However, the need has arisen to update some of the information contained in the guide. The great storm of February 2010 changed some of the topography, including the area of Porto da Cruz, and in the same year a new geological map of the island was published along with a revision of the stratigraphy. These and other alterations and additions were reflected in a supplement to the guide, which was published in June 2016.

A new supplement has now been prepared by the authors of the guide. This replaces the previous supplement and includes a further revision of the stratigraphy, an additional excursion itinerary and updated information about other excursions. The supplement can be viewed and downloaded here.

The field guide is still in print, and can be ordered from the society's bookshop. More information on the guide can be found here.