New versions of Proceedings now available


New versions of the Proceedings for Sessions 144 (2001-2002) to 150 (2007-2008) are now available on the website. The new versions are different from the previous versions in that they are in the form of PDF text files rather than PDF image files and have colour as opposed to monochrome pictures. Links to the Proceedings can be found here.

All the society's Proceedings from Session 106 (1963-1964) on are now available on the website. All the Proceedings for Session 144 (2008-2009) and later sessions are in the form of PDF text documents, which allow searching for text and copying of sections of text. They also have colour pictures. In contrast, the Proceedings for earlier sessions are in the form of PDF image documents, which do not allow searching or copying of sections of text (although the images for individual pages can be copied), and have monochrome pictures.

Before Session 106, the society's Proceedings were published as part of the Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow. Society members can see the Transactions in the Lyell Collection section of the Geological Society's website. Instructions on how to log in to the Lyell Collection can be found here.