North Lanarkshire geodiversity audit


North Lanarkshire contains strata from the entire 60 million year history of the Carboniferous Period. This period saw massive volcanic eruptions, tropical forests and warm tropical seas. In the more recent Ice Ages we were buried beneath a one km thick ice sheet. This eventful geology produced a variety of rocks and scenery that have been the building blocks of North Lanarkshire's communities and industry.

This assessment report is based on 6 years of inspecting more than 80 sites by volunteers. It describes North Lanarkshire's geoheritage and what the volunteers did and what they found, including the top twelve areas to visit and the best twenty sites for conservation. It then describes how geology built North Lanarkshire and where to go to enjoy the area's geoheritage. It concludes with what to do next to fulfil North Lanarkshire Council's Geodiversity Action Plan.

The report can be seen here.