Recordings of all the lectures for Session 164 (2021-2022) are available on YouTube. The links are given below.

14th October 2021
Professor Mike Searle, University of Oxford
Tectonics and mountain building in the Himalaya

9th December 2021
Dr Neil Clark, Hunterian Museum (Retiring Presidential Address)
Dinosaurs from Muck

13th January 2021
Dr Emrys Phillips, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Deformed dirt: the deformation caused by glaciers and ice sheets

10th February 2021
Dr Andrew Finlayson, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Below the bonnie banks – investigating Loch Lomond’s subaqueous Quaternary landscape

10th March 2021
Noel Williams, Lochaber Geopark
Big boulders of Scotland

14th April 2021
Professor Colin Ballantyne, University of St Andrews
Landslides, glaciation and the evolution of mountain landscapes during the Quaternary

12th May 2021
Members’ night

Matthew Statis
Accessing the sedimentary record of ocean acidification prior to the K/Pg mass extinction

Simon Cuthbert
The beast of Linn Park: Arthropleura trail by the White Cart Water

David Webster (Strathclyde Geoconservation Group)
Glasgow area geological exposures:  reconnaissance trips to Campsie Glen, River Kelvin and Overtoun

David Webster (Fossil Grove Trust)
Fossil Grove renovation project