Dumbarton Rock

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Site Location

OS Grid Reference: NS3974

Latitude: 55.936

Longitude: -4.563

Dumbarton Rock
A leaflet describing the geology of Dumbarton Rock is available here, and a more detailed excursion itinerary can be found here.

The site can be reached by public and private transport. Driving directions and walking directions from the railway station are given on the leaflet.

Please note the limitation regarding the use of the path which belongs to Dumbarton Football Club Ltd.

The main columns of the volcanic plug can be easily seen from the small car park. The features on the bay area are facing a very rocky beach and can be difficult for those of restricted mobility. Care should be taken.

Historic Scotland issued a warning of loose rock and unpredictable rock fall at the Dumbarton Rock site in 2013, with warning signs put in place in affected areas.

A basalt plug which is the only remaining evidence of the volcano which existed on this site 330-340 million years ago.