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16 Apr 2016 @ 9:00 am
18 Apr 2016 @ 1:00 pm
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Leader: Dr Iain Allison (University of Glasgow)

The middle Dalradian Argyll group rocks are well exposed on coastal sections in Knapdale and the Tayvallich peninsula. Here the metamorphic effects are low and sedimentary structures can easily be seen in the deformed rocks. The rocks are folded on a variety of scales from metre to many kilometres scales.  The relationships between bedding and the tectonic fabrics is very well displayed and the relationship between layer thickness and fold wavelength can be demonstrated.

There is a wide variety of rock types present in this area. Massive pebbly sandstones are found adjacent to well-cleaved phyllites which were formerly mud rocks. Limestones, now converted to marble, are present and towards the top of the stratigraphic section the pillow lavas of the Tayvallich volcanics occur. Not all of the magma reached the surface and many sills occur within the sedimentary sequence. These dolerites are now chlorite-epidote greenstones and often form the high ground.

This excursion will examine the rocks in the Kilmory Bay – Point of Knap section and on the west side of the Tayvallich peninsula.



Photo: S. Leishman





We would like to have an indication of interest in this trip; so if you would like to join it, or wish to have further details, please e-mail the residential excursion secretary.

We will travel by private car, and accommodation will be B&B in the Knapdale area (3 nights). Travel arrangements will be made when the numbers are known and the accommodation arranged.

The price will be announced when the numbers are known and the accommodation arranged.