Unravelling soft sediment deformation in earthquake-triggered mass transport deposits (lecture)

Date: Thursday, 8 November 2018
Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Type: Lecture


Professor Ian Alsop, University of Aberdeen

Text books frequently suggest that sedimentary slump folds are “characteristically chaotic” and display “little symmetry” (Van der Pluijm & Marshak 2004) or that “folds do not propagate .... in any systematic predictable manner” (Davis & Reynolds 1996). However, is this really the case? Using examples from the Late Pleistocene (70-15ka) Lisan Fm. exposed around the present Dead Sea, a number of fundamental questions regarding mass transport deposits (MTDs) will be addressed in this talk, including:

(i) What controls transport directions of basin-scale mass transport patterns?

(ii) What is the structural sequence of deformation during formation of MTDs?

(iii) Why do some fold hinges rotate and others roll during slumping?

(iv) Is it possible to recognise multiple events and reworking within MTDs?

(v) Why do some fold hinges verge back up slope?

(vi) Are existing models of MTDs adequate to explain the observations?

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Lecture Theatre, Gregory Building