Venus - dark secrets behind the veil (lecture)

Date: Thursday, 11 January 2018
Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Type: Lecture


Dr Simon Cuthbert, University of the West of Scotland

Venus, the familiar bright jewel of the morning and evening skies and our nearest planetary neighbour, should be the most Earth-like of the other terrestrial planets, but how much like our own world is it in reality? This presentation explores the current state of knowledge and will, indeed, reveal many familiar features. However, there is much about Venus that is very strange and decidedly hostile. Venus's brilliant white veil hides a bizarre, scorched volcanic landscape. Its dense, roasting atmosphere makes exploration much more difficult than on other planets, so mysteries abound: Does (or did) plate tectonics operate on Venus? What happened to all the water? Why are there metal-coated mountain-tops? Was Venus ever really Earth-like, and could humans ever visit, or even live there? We'll take a peek under the veil and glimpse the real face of Venus.

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Lecture Theatre, Gregory Building