New edition of Scottish Fossil Code published

Fossil collecting is a popular hobby and recreational collectors quite often uncover rare and scientifically important finds. But sometimes our fossil heritage is vulnerable to irresponsible collecting that can damage sites and the fossils they contain.

That’s why NatureScot has refreshed and relaunched the Scottish Fossil Code, which promotes and encourages responsible fossil collecting and fossil resource management. By following the Code, people can stay within the law and follow best practice in collecting and storing fossils.

NatureScot hopes the refreshed code will not only encourage and enable responsible discovery but will also lead to enhanced public interest in the fossil heritage of Scotland for generations to come.

The code was prepared by the Scottish Fossil Code Working Group, which included Geological Society of Glasgow members Gary Hoare and Neil Clark.

You can view the code on this website.

If you have any questions about the code or fossil collecting in general, please contact